The Movie

Hammerfest (Norway) is the northernmost city in the world. A tough place at the Arctic Circle, where in winter the sun doesn’t rise and during the summer it doesn’t set for two months.

A place where the magic of the aurora draws virtuose paintings of light in the sky and the power of nature is as palpable as nowhere else in the world.

The documentary “HJEM” (home) is focusing on the fundamental question, what the term “home” means to people who find themselves confronted on a daily basis with the harshness and the beauty of nature. How does one live in such a place, and why do they live there? The filmmakers Christoph Kirchner and Martina Chamrad explored Hammerfest and it’s surrounding area over a period of several weeks to process their impressions in an innovative documentary. Combined with cinematic images of the spectacular Norwegian nature and emotional music composed by Viktor Åslund, they created a personal portrait of a unique place and it’s inhabitants.

After six months of preproduction, the film crew began in mid-April 2012 with the five-week filming in the Arctic Circle and successfully wrapped in the end of Mai 2012. After it’s official premiere in April 2013, the movie was submitted to international film festivals where it reached a worldwide audience. The film is now also available as DVD, Blu-ray and Video On Demand.

“Hjem” is the graduate film of Martina Chamrad and Christoph Kirchner at University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg, Faculty of Design.


Genre: Documentary
Format: Digital HD 1080p
Running Time: 46 minutes
Language: English, Norwegian, German
Principal Shooting: January – Mai 2012
Premiere: April 2013
Festivals: from 1.5.2013
DVD, Blu-ray & VOD: 1.6.2014

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